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Started on May 4, 2018
3 year commitment | View progress

Did you know? Food insecure individuals are subject to the same challenging cultural changes as other Americans such as more sedentary lifestyles or increased portion sizes. Food insecure individuals also face unique challenges in adopting and maintaining healthful behaviors such as fewer resources, lack of opportunities for physical activity and limited access to health care.

Through PHA’s Food Assistance Partnership Program, Facing Hunger Food Bank will work to address hunger and malnutrition by increasing supply and fostering demand of healthier options among those in need in West Virginia, eastern Kentucky and southeastern Ohio. As our partner, the food bank commits to evaluating the nutritional quality of at least 50 percent of food in inventory, improving the nutritional quality of food distributed, incentivizing its partners to select more nutritious foods, and activating distribution environments that encourage the selection of better-for-you items. Adding to the list of commitment elements, our partner will activate distribution environments that encourage the selection of nutritious foods through effective nudges like packaging, abundance, convenience, display and even signage.

Low-income people are at increased risk for both food insecurity and obesity

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