This School Year, Let’s Usher in the New Era of Tennis!

Developing the next generation of greats.

Image of a group of elementary school students sitting on bleachers with tennis gear and equipment. Image from USTA's NET Generation initiative for PHA's 2017 #PHABack2School campaign.

Guest Post by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) for #PHABack2School

Meet the new face of youth tennis – Net Generation from the USTA. Through a variety of programs, teaching and learning tools, Net Generation is looking to capture the imagination of kids - bringing together a national community of parents, coaches, teachers, and volunteers. As part of the USTA we believe everyone should be able to play the game and work to make tennis accessible to kids of all ages, all backgrounds, and all skill levels.

Not only is tennis a great way to get exercise, playing on a regular basis can help kids develop hand-eye coordination and improve speed, balance, strength and flexibility. But that’s not where the benefits of playing tennis ends! It’s also a very fun and social sport – making it perfect for families and friends.

There’s no better time to start playing than the back-to-school season. Here’s how your child can get involved:

  1. Visit the Net Generation website.
  2. Get access to information on all of the ways to participate in our sport including Junior Team Tennis, after-school programs, local lessons and clinics, local facilities, or even how to play in your driveway or backyard.
  3. Get on the court!

Through our partnership with PHA, we’ve already reached nearly 692,720 youth through our National Junior Tennis & Learning Network! We’re so passionate about the sport, we’ve even signed on for another commitment with PHA. Through the opportunities with Net Generation, we’re helping 500,000 kids develop their love for the sport.

Get in the game this school year. Learn More about Youth Tennis at

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