11 Questions With… Westin Hotels & Resort’s Chris Heuisler

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<img alt=“Image of Chris Heuisler, National Run Concierge for Westin Hotels & Resorts.

” class=“Media-image” src=“” /> From curating running programs to leveraging strategic partnerships such as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, Chris Heuisler brings energy and insight to guests’ running needs as the National Run Concierge for Westin Hotels & Resorts.

The Philadelphia native and sub-3-hour marathoner joined the team in 2013. Since then, Westin’s Run Concierge team has taken off, beginning as team of 30 and now stands at more than 200 globally. An authentic voice of the running community, Chris has been instrumental in curating PHA partner Westin’s RunWESTIN experience, including: the development of local running maps at every property; Gear Lending through a partnership with New Balance; access to a Run Concierge who can join guests for a run or a stretch at most properties; sweatworking runs that bring together hotel guests and local businesses for a casual networking run; and, property-specific programming and activations.

In addition to helping travelers keep up with their running routines, Westin also partnered with PHA in a commitment to provide kids with healthier meals at its more than 200 locations worldwide. Read more about the company’s work with PHA.

On Healthier Eating…

Image from Westin Hotels & Resorts for #PHABack2School.

Image courtesy of Westin Hotels & Resorts.

1) What does healthy eating mean to you?
Healthy eating means maintaining balance and not over indulging or putting too much pressure on myself to eat healthy 100% of the time.

2) Tell us the best health advice you’ve ever received?
All calories are not created equal. We know what’s good for our bodies and we know what’s not good for our bodies. Spend more time putting real food in your body and you will feel better both mentally and physically. Let’s not overcomplicate things.

3) What is your go-to nutritious breakfast meal?
Eggs with spinach, mushrooms, a little bit of cheese and a piece of whole wheat toast. And coffee of course. I cannot forget the coffee. On the road, I’m a huge fan of Westin’s Steel Cut Oatmeal and I’ll throw in some nuts and fruit as well.

On Physical Activity…

4) Who is your fitness hero?
I’m a huge fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He is someone I follow on social media simply because his messaging is inspirational and he always finds the time to get in a workout no matter how awful the circumstances. He seems to maintain balance and motivates with his humility.

5) What is your healthiest fitness habit?
Running, but I wouldn’t use the word “habit” to describe the choice. Running has become a lifestyle for me and the activity has gone through its phases. When I first discovered running, I became obsessed (not healthy.) That phase lasted roughly 4 years until I injured myself because I wasn’t listening to my body, a side effect of being obsessed. After that phase, running was a habit. Something I did because it was part of my routine and I took for granted that I could run every day. But now, 18 years later, I run because it allows me to process thoughts in my head and it offers me a chance to reflect almost daily.

On Transforming the Marketplace…

6) Where’s the most surprising place you’ve found healthier options and what was it?
I often travel for work, but when I do travel with my wife and two kids it’s difficult to find healthy choices. Chicken fingers and fries seems to be the norm on “kids menus” around the US. However… at the Westin, we have our very own healthy Kids Menu. The excuse of “There aren’t any healthy options” doesn’t exist when I get to stay at any Westin and that is a very good thing.

Family staring out the window at an airport. 7) Where have you not seen healthier options that you wish would begin offering new choices?
I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to find more healthy food options at airports. With so many more people traveling and an increased demand from fitness enthusiasts to have healthier options on the road, I’m hoping airport food catches up sooner than later.

On a Commitment With PHA…

8) Why are you inspired to help ensure all children can grow up healthy?
As a father of two, I’ve become keenly aware of how healthy food affects my children as opposed to unhealthy food. The analogy would be: do I want my kids to spend more time outdoors or in front of a screen? Outdoors, obviously. Countless studies have reinforced the idea that children need to put real food in their bodies, full of real nutrients in order to grow properly and learn in school. Anything we can do at Westin to keep the momentum moving towards better food options for children, we will do.

9) What does “Making the healthy choice the easy choice” mean to you?
It’s as simple as having fruit and nuts on our counter at home at all times as opposed to chips and bars loaded with sugar. If we don’t have unhealthy options in our house, then we’re certainly less likely to make unhealthy choices.

10) Describe your company’s partnership with PHA in three words.
Accountability. Wellness. Travel.

11) What was that “Aha!” moment that made you realize your company is having a big impact on the health of our nation’s youth?
My family and I recently stayed at the Westin Charlotte and we decided to order room service. My wife forgot that Westin offered a healthy kids’ menu and exclaimed, “Oh this is GREAT!” It’s easy to be proud to work for a brand that believes in wellness as much as Westin does.

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