Why They Buy — Tracey Massey, President, Americas Mars Wrigley Confectionery, on Consumer Market Research and Obesity

Post by Stacy Molander, Chief Operating Officer, Partnership for a Healthier America

Some might say we are in the age of the consumer. For decades, companies have directed their corporate social responsibility efforts toward local communities, little league baseball teams, and other direct impact initiatives. But today, we’re seeing more and more companies shift their focus from philanthropic support, to also ensuring that their core business - their products and services - inherently contribute to the well-being of people and the planet. Today, a company’s brand purpose has to be more than just growing the bottom line.

And for consumer packaged goods companies, this couldn’t be more of a rapidly growing necessity. The Hudson Institute recently held its “Why They Buy: Fighting Obesity Through Consumer Marketing Research” where Tracey Massey, President, Americas Mars Wrigley Confectionery, shared, “…we firmly believe that it’s the industry’s responsibility to step up and do the right thing. Whether that be in sustainability, climate change, or whether that be in health and wellness…”

Studies show that 75 percent of global consumers expect brands to contribute to their well-being - with Gen Z factoring in social and environmental issues when choosing what to buy and where to work.

Consumers are demanding more and we’re seeing more and more companies, like Mars, make these important changes for the sake of their corporate reputation, but also for the sake of their bottom line.

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