Twice Daily: Helping Employees and Customers Live Healthier

Partner spotlight from PHA’s 2016 Annual Progress Report

As people often do, Tammy Moore made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. She dutifully started her diet at the launch of 2017 and began looking for meals that met her 1,500-calorie maximum for the day, without giving up taste or nutritional value. It wasn’t easy.

But then Twice Daily made it easier.

Tammy’s husband, Mike, is District Manager for Twice Daily in the Lebanon, Tennessee area. As Tammy was starting her diet, Twice Daily was switching to healthier options as part of its commitment to PHA to offer healthier, more affordable food to its customers. Fried foods were being replaced with options such as grilled chicken salad on whole wheat bread, granola parfaits and fruit shooters made with fresh pineapple, melon and grapes.

So when Tammy asked her husband to bring home some lunch, he grabbed one of the store’s new and more balanced choices: a Bistro Box that included toasted almonds, three kinds of cheese, wheat crackers and red grapes. The box covers all four food groups at just 389 calories for the meal.

“I just loved it,” said Tammy. “I’m trying to eat healthier and make better choices every day. This was a great lunch for me.”

The chicken salad was also a hit for Tammy, along with the fruit shooters, which she eats for breakfast. And at $3.99 for the Bistro Box, she said, “It’s a great value. You’re going to spend more than that on fast food and you won’t be eating healthy. I eat it now a few times a week.”

Tammy said she’s lost 25 pounds and credits the healthier options from Twice Daily along with the frequent walks she now takes with her husband. As for Mike, he’s starting to eat healthier as well.

“I do my share of eating those fruit shooters,” he said. “It’s good to have those things available at the store so I’m not just eating junk food all the time.”

Twice Daily helps Tammy and Mike live healthier in other ways, as well. The company newsletter offers exercises and healthy eating tips. “There’s always something about wellness or exercise,” said Mike. “Our company definitely wants to support the health of our team members.”

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