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Statement from the Partnership for a Healthier America on USDA Food and Nutrition Service Rules Changes

January 17, 2020

Contact: Andrew Brenner – VP, Marketing and Communications, Partnership for a Healthier America:

For Immediate Release: A Statement from Nancy E. Roman, President & CEO of the Partnership for a Healthier America, on the USDA Food and Nutrition Service Announced Rules Changes:

The new proposed rules changes from the USDA Food and Nutrition Service appear to be a step in the wrong direction. Putting politics aside, the science of the past few years suggests that we should be increasing the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables at each meal. Young children especially need more exposure to unprocessed, easy-to-eat, fruits, vegetables, and greens.

The primary development over the past three years in food science is the recognition that eating more fruits and vegetables is not only good for our health, which we have known for decades, but can also be good for the planet if it offsets more carbon intensive forms of protein.

The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) has worked for the last decade to improve the nutritional value of our nation’s food supply and increase opportunities for physical activity. PHA was created to eliminate the nation’s childhood obesity crisis that is preventing many of our children from having a healthy future. While we have seen progress among preschool age children, we continue to face an enormous challenge: Approximately 18 percent of U.S. youth have obesity, and nearly one in three children and adolescents are either overweight or have obesity. As a nation, we spend an estimated $190-plus Billion every year to treat obesity.

Now is the time to focus on expanding access, at every opportunity, to healthier, more nutritious foods – starting with unprocessed, easy-to-eat, fruits, vegetables, and greens.


About Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA)

PHA’s mission is to leverage the power of the private sector to bring lasting systemic changes that improve the food supply, increase healthy choices, increase physical activity and contribute to a culture of health. In 2010, PHA was created in conjunction with Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! effort. PHA identifies, accelerates and celebrates voluntary business practices that improve or increase choice or lead to new norms and behavior around food and physical activity. For more information about PHA, please visit and follow PHA on Twitter @PHAnews.