Partner Spotlight

Statement from Partnership for a Healthier America

June 2, 2020

We are heartbroken at this moment – for all the people who are hurting this week – and, more importantly, for all the injustice that has been suffered for years, decades, and centuries here in this country.

But, while we are heartbroken, we want to move eventually to a place of resolve. Resolve to work for a better, fairer, more equitable society.

At PHA, we have always been committed to food equity. And, with each week that passes, we become more committed to that work. But, we also acknowledge that the food inequity we are working to address is rooted in centuries of systemic racism, and these broader, systemic issues must be addressed too.

We resolve to work in our personal lives and with our day-by-day decisions to make this world a more just and more equitable place.

Many organizations have compiled resources to learn, reflect, and act at this moment. We’d like to uplift some of them: