Our Values

As the premier national nonprofit working to transform local food systems in pursuit of food and health equity, Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) is committed to upholding these values:

We Value Collaborative Relationships

We believe meaningful relationships that honor local/Indigenous heritage and culture lay the groundwork to further our work as staff and with our partners. We build collaborative relationships by celebrating each other, and offering mutual trust and support. Our interdependence and ability to understand each other as people generates more opportunities to co-create sustainable food systems within communities we serve .

We Value Learning & Sustained Growth

Grounding ourselves in what we know, we never cease to imagine what is possible. We remain informed of PHA’s legacy and trends in national best practices, while honoring lived experience and local wisdom. We continuously share our learnings with one another, with a commitment to innovation and an eye on meaningful improvement. We create time and space to grow in our work while remaining empathetically attuned to the capacity and capabilities of our team.

We Value Transparency

We lead through open, honest, and courageous communication. Knowledge and resources are shared equitably and appropriately across the organization, and carried with care to assure the most meaningful impact. We are committed to readily sharing information that is easily understandable and clearly actionable among all invested stakeholders.

We Value Well-Being & Care

We honor the interconnectedness of people within their communities. We encourage both self-care and community-care for people’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We honor each other’s unique humanity and ground our relationships in trust and vulnerability. We aim to create a workplace that balances work with care for self, family, and community.

We Value Equity

We believe all people deserve access to good food and the ability to lead healthy lives. Our organization recognizes that systemic injustice perpetuates food scarcity and poor health, especially for people who have been marginalized. We are committed to working towards diversity, equity, and inclusion internally as an organization, as well as externally in our programs and partnerships.

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Everyone deserves affordable access to good food

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