Our Mission is Food Equity

Because everyone in every zip code should be able to find and afford good food.

A family shops for food together For one in six Americans, healthy food is too expensive, too far away, or both. But we should all have access to good food - food that is affordable, sustainable, nutritious, high-quality, and culturally connected.

How we can achieve food equity

The Food Equity Model is made up of a healthy food supply; access to good food; and awareness, knowledge and skills Our programs focus on the three pillars that ensure a strong foundation for food equity:

  1. A healthy food supply.
  2. Access to good food in all communities.
  3. Empowered communities with the knowledge and skills to select and quickly prepare good food.

Read our Defining Food Equity Paper to learn more about PHA’s position on food equity and how to achieve it.

How we’re making a difference

PHA is working for a better food future by driving long-term positive change for the communities that need it most. We’re using a data-driven approach to propel food equity forward by innovating good food access, investing in communities, and empowering people.

That’s why we’ve committed to:

  • Providing 100 million servings of good food to food-insecure families by 2025.
  • Mapping 1,000 new and existing good food access points to help meaningfully shift the food supply available in under-resourced communities across the country.
  • Moving conversations around community ownership of food assets and production forward so that our work alongside communities drives long-lasting improvements.

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