Partnership for a Healthier America's COVID-19 Response

The New Food Reality in a Post-COVID-19 World

Industry Rapid Response

In response to COVID-19, Partnership for a Healthier America is launching an Industry Rapid Response conversation series, a set of critical discussions with industry experts on how they are responding to real-time changes to the landscape of food, health and wellness in America.

Industry Rapid Response Video Series

Upcoming videos:

Amaya Weddle, Vice-President of Research and Product Marketing at MINDBODY, PHA partner and the leading technology platform for fitness, wellness, and beauty services industries, will discuss how the wellness industry went digital. What is the state of the wellness industry during the COVID-19 pandemic? What is the role of wellness in a time of crisis? And what can studio owners expect from the future of their industry? We’ll explore these questions and more.

Q and As with PHA Partners:

To learn more about how the food, nutrition, fitness, and wellness industries are shifting during this COVID-19 moment, we asked our partners a series of important questions. Check out their answers below.