Healthy Tips From Your Fave Faces

Photo of former First Lady and PHA Honorary Chair Michelle Obama speaking at Partnership for a Healthier America's 2016 Building a Healthier Future Summit.

On Friday, May 20, we wrapped up our fifth annual Building a Healthier Future Summit, where we were surrounded by celebrities, leaders, athletes and CEOs talking all things health. First Lady Michelle Obama even announced that for the first time in 20 years, the FDA has approved a new redesigned nutrition label that will feature bigger type and new information regarding added sugar.

Of course, we had to wonder, what’s their advice for staying healthy? Check out some of what we heard during the Summit:

US Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy:

“I’m convinced that if we really want to safeguard the health of our nation, we have to create a culture of prevention in America.”

First Lady Michelle Obama:

“See, if that is our North Star that guides everything we do, if we focus not just on our profit margins but on how our products affect our kids’ health, if we realize that investments in P.E. and recess and nutritious school food are absolutely essential to ensure the success of all of our kids, if we keep pushing our kids at home just to eat their veggies every night, then we can absolutely reach our goal of raising a healthier generation.”

Chris Jordan, Fitness Expert:

“Incorporate strategic movement breaks every hour to sustain energy throughout the day.”

Victor Cruz, New York Giants Wide Receiver:

“There’s a nutritious way to eat your food that’s in direct correlation to how you perform … on & off the field.”

Bob Harper, Host of “The Biggest Loser”:

“Information is power. Read what you’re putting in your body.”

Olympic Swimmer Summer Sanders:

“We have to give our kids credit that they can actually understand this knowledge & be the young influencers.”

Dr. Melanie Dreher, Trinity Health:

“Health does not begin in a hospital or clinic, but homes, neighborhoods, schools & workplaces.”

Len Greer, President, Health and Wellness Solutions, Johnson & Johnson:

“You need three things to converge in order to get sustained behavior change: motivation, ability, and opportunity.”