Healthy and Fresh at Home Cookbook

Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) is on a mission to achieve Food Equity so everyone in every zip code is able to find and afford good food.

Start the New Year with healthy and nutritious meals for you and your family! Download our free Healthy and Fresh at Home cookbook.

We believe that everyone should have access to good food — food that is affordable, sustainable, nutritious, high-quality, and culturally connected. And because food is a key part of health, there is no true equity in society without Food Equity.

Through our work, we have identified three pillars necessary to support Food Equity:

  1. A healthy food supply.
  2. Access to good food in all communities.
  3. Empowered communities with the knowledge and skills to select and quickly prepare good food.

We’re working with our community of partners and supporters to power the Food Equity movement. Our programs and initiatives throughout the country focus on these three pillars to ensure a strong foundation for Food Equity — allowing all people to choose health-building food.

Vegetables and Fruits at a store

100 Million Servings

We've committed to adding 100 million additional servings of vegetables, fruits, and beans to the marketplace by 2025.

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