FNV Launches New Ads Urging Celebrities and Athletes to #SellMeFNV

Washington, D.C. (September 1, 2015) — FNV, a brand focused on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and sales, has launched its first round of television ads, which urge celebrities and athletes to use their influence to sell teens fruits and vegetables. The ads appear in FNV’s two lead markets—Fresno, CA and Hampton Roads, VA—and are accompanied by a digital campaign across FNV’s social media channels.

FNV is led by the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and a collaboration of companies, celebrities, athletes and foundations. The ads, which are the first television spots used in the campaign, were created by award-winning advertising agency Victors & Spoils. The TV spots intend to fuel a conversation on social media among teens about which celebrities would get them to eat more fruits and veggies, and in the process, persuade more stars to join FNV’s current roster of more than 50 celebrities and athletes.

“If there’s one thing we know about advertising, it’s that celebrity endorsements work,” said Noah Clark, executive creative director at Victors & Spoils. “Thing is, the decisions behind who will shill for a brand are made behind closed doors by brand managers and based on popularity indexes. We’re flipping that script and asking our target audience, which in this case is teenagers, to let that decision play out online in the social space.”

The ads will run in the Hampton Roads and Fresno markets through the fall, and also can be viewed on FNV’s YouTube channel.

“FNV is continuing its takeover of Fresno and Hampton Roads with these latest TV ads, and keeping the conversation going nationally via our social media channels,” said Drew Nannis, PHA’s chief marketing officer. “On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube, we’ll have behind-the-scenes footage, celebrity call-outs and even more of the shareable, snackable content that FNV’s fans have come to expect.”

Founding supporters of FNV are companies and organizations that believe in the need to market fruits and vegetables in a whole new way. They include: Produce Marketing Association, Avocados From Mexico, Bolthouse Farms, The Honest Company, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, sweetgreen, Produce for Better Health, Victors & Spoils and WWE.

Check out FNV online:

About FNV: FNV is focused on increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables among teens and moms. For years, fruits and veggies stood by passively as the marketing machine cranked full throttle, selling you everything from shoes to barbecues to shiny new sports cars. But now, we’ve officially joined the party. Taking over billboards and airwaves. Enlisting athletes and celebs. Shamelessly pushing peaches and sweet potatoes onto the public. FNV is here. Visit for more information.

About PHA: The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) is devoted to working with the private sector to ensure the health of our nation’s youth by solving the childhood obesity crisis. In 2010, PHA was created in conjunction with – but independent from – First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! effort. PHA is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that is led by some of the nation’s most respected health and childhood obesity experts. PHA brings together public, private and nonprofit leaders to broker meaningful commitments and develop strategies to end childhood obesity. Most important, PHA ensures that commitments made are commitments kept by working with unbiased, third parties to monitor and publicly report on the progress our partners are making. For more information about PHA, please visit and follow PHA on Twitter @PHAnews.

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