Dr. Dina Rose

Dina Rose, PhD, Author and Sociologist, is a speaker at Partnership for a Healthier America's 2018 Innovating a Healthier Future Summit, May 2-4 in Washington, DC.

Author and Sociologist

Dina Rose, PhD is a sociologist, feeding expert and the author of It’s Not About the Broccoli: Three Habits to Teach Your Kids for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating (Perigee). Rose has trained parents, pediatricians, dietitians, and early childhood educators in the Habits Approach for the past decade. Her work has been featured in a wide-range of media outlets, including The New York Times. In addition to writing her own blog,, Dina is a contributor to Psychology Today and the inventor of The Super Food Explorer Kit, a revolutionary system for introducing new foods to children.

2018 Summit Session: Now Trending: Happy, Healthy Eating

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