Accelerating a Healthier Future: A Message from Nancy E. Roman, PHA's President and CEO

Post by Nancy E. Roman, President and CEO, PHA (@nancyroman1)

2019 PHA Summit Pop Up Image - Blog

I am hoping that you will join us for our first ever Summit in Chicago this year. Today, the ever-evolving modern marketplace continues to guide our thinking as we develop new partnerships moving into 2019 – partnerships that make waves, both for the health of our next generation, but in the marketplace itself to ensure our partner companies rise to the top. It is time to pursue the next phase of the healthy revolution: accelerate change.

I want to invite you and our country’s vast wealth of thinkers and doers—to be part of PHA’s 2019 Summit, April 1 & 2 in Chicago. This year’s theme is Accelerating a Healthier Future and will focus on showcasing and driving innovation with the intent to accelerate change. What are our most important innovations? Can they scale? What are the barriers to success? How can we overcome them?

We all get invited to many things, and there is no shortage of conferences. But at PHA we rely on pulling together the smartest from among the corporate, government and non-profit sectors. We need people like you in the room to continue to move the needle forward. I hope you can make it as we will showcase what’s working and drive conversation around replicable, scalable solutions that will make our world a healthier place.

Registration opens this month. Submit your information here and we’ll notify you when registration opens. The healthy revolution is now - join us!