7 Big Questions for Corporate America about Food and Health in 2019

Post by Nancy E. Roman, President and CEO, PHA (@nancyroman1)

Smart agriculture concept; Farmer use Artificial intelligence and augmented reality in farm to help grow systems.

It’s 2019 and no doubt, it’s full of promise and excitement - and questions. Here are the seven big questions we’ll be asking ourselves, partners and the broader community in 2019 about the future of food and health.

  1. How can you persuade the NextGen talent pool that you care about wellness?

  2. How can you help bring to bear the underleveraged power of the insurance sector for health?

  3. How can you better apply behavioral economics to food and physical activity habits?

  4. How can you integrate sustainability and health?

  5. How can you take advantage of the massive disruption in transportation to accelerate access to healthier food – particularly for people with lower incomes?

  6. How can you apply artificial intelligence so that food and physical activity leverage better health?

  7. How can you use your marketing power to LEAD consumers to better choices?

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