5 Ways to Incorporate Avocados into Your Breakfast

The avocado may very well have been 2015’s most popular produce. And the accolades are well deserved. The beloved fruit (why yes, they are a fruit!) has played a starring role on toast, in smoothies, in baked goods and so much more. What’s not to love? They are versatile (served whole, sliced, diced, or mashed), delicious and satisfying at any time of the day. Plus, they are packed with loads of nutritional benefits no matter how or when you eat them!

And what better time to kick-start your kid’s day than breakfast time! Providing your kids a nutritious breakfast full of fruit and veggies is as easy as 1-2-3 with Avocados From Mexico, which are full of good fats, and nearly 20 vitamins and minerals.

To celebrate this delectable dietary dynamo, here are five ways to incorporate avocados into your morning meal:

  1. Baked Goods
    The creamy texture and healthy fats in avocados make for an easy substitution in baked goods in place of butter. Substituting butter with avocado not only lowers the calorie content – half a cup of butter is 813 calories while the same amount of mashed avocado is only 184 – but it also makes for a moister baked good.

  2. Smoothies
    Image of a smoothie made with avocados from an Avocados from Mexico recipe. We all enjoy avocados mashed into dips, sliced onto sandwiches and spread on toast. But we can’t get enough of avocados blended into delicious drinks as well. Drink your avocado with this Beet, Pineapple, Avocado & OJ Smoothie recipe.

  3. On Toast
    What could be better than buttery, ripe avocado smashed onto hearty, crusty bread? This Avocado Toast recipe makes a quick and delicious snack and is easy to transform into a meal with the addition of a few toppings and garnishes.

  4. With Scrambled Eggs
    We know that eating avocados to start your day is a great idea, but adding them to your eggs is perfection! Just cook your eggs until nice and fluffy, and add a sliced avocado. Or treat your family to a more robust breakfast dish with this Huevos a la Mexicana With Avocado recipe!

  5. With Baked Eggs
    With three simple steps, you’ll have a morning meal the whole family will love – not to mention also receiving 54 percent of your daily-recommended fiber with these two simple ingredients! Impress the kids and make breakfast fun with these Baked Avocado Egg Boats.