3 Strategies for Getting Good Food on Every Table

Here at Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), we believe food is a human right. That’s why, this National Nutrition Month, we’re spotlighting the many ways we help people get good food onto their tables and into their bellies!

#1: Shop Good Food at a Good Stuff Kiosk

Good Stuff Kiosk Busy families often have to rely on quick snacks to satisfy their kids’ growing hunger throughout the day. What if there was an easy way to make sure those options were affordable and healthy for youngsters and their caregivers? Now there is!

Good Stuff Kiosks stock shelf-stable and refrigerated foods at accessible hubs in under-resourced communities. Conveniently located at after-school programs led by Boys & Girls Clubs, Good Stuff Kiosks make it easy for caregivers and parents to shop affordable, healthy food on-site and then prepare nutritious meals using the kiosk’s featured recipes.

Good Stuff Kiosks are providing these communities with budget-friendly, nutrient-rich produce and nonperishables:

  • Merced, California’s Good Stuff Kiosk is located at Cesar E. Chavez Middle School, where 1 in 4 children are experiencing hunger.
  • Jackson, Mississippi’s four Good Stuff Kiosks provide healthy food to as many as 4,800 people every day.
  • Baltimore, Maryland’s Good Stuff Kiosk grants fresh food access to a population where 14% of children live below the poverty line.

Good Stuff Kiosks are made possible by the Dole® Sunshine for All® Cities program in collaboration with PHA, the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, and other private and public sector partners.

#2: Order Good Food to Your Front Door

Carving out time to shop for groceries is a challenge for anyone, but for 1 in 6 Americans, it’s nearly impossible. Supermarkets are far away, public transportation is nonexistent, childcare is scarce, and fresh food is unaffordable. That’s why PHA is working to overcome these barriers with help from Instacart!

PHA’s Good Food at Home program provides participants with 12 weeks of fresh produce, helping to improve food and nutrition security as well as build sustained, healthy eating habits. With the help of Instacart Health, PHA has been able to expand the program to more cities and offer participants $60 a month in produce credits as well as free grocery delivery. Results from Indianapolis showed that 79% of those who received produce credits planned to continue to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Watch the video from our program launch in Washington, D.C.

“At Instacart, we believe technology has the power to transform food access and help make healthier choices easier for families nationwide.” – Fidji Simo, CEO of Instacart

To date, PHA’s Good Food at Home program has provided over 35 million produce servings to 30 cities across the U.S. — and our work has only just begun.

#3: Select Good Food from the Supermarket Shelves

Just because a family can get to the grocery store doesn’t mean their nutritional needs are being met.

We wondered: What would happen if shoppers saw healthier choices first? PHA’s multi-year partnership with Keurig Dr. Pepper (KDP) gave us the perfect opportunity to find out!

Better for you beverages are here! PHA partnered with KDP on an innovative pilot program that prioritized high-visibility placement for KDP brands Core Hydration, Bai, Evian, Snapple, and Polar — all “better-for-you” beverage choices — at a Boston-area Stop & Shop.

Because the in-store marketing and merchandising strategy highlighted nutrient-rich options, healthy beverage sales increased. This small but meaningful success revealed what PHA and KDP already believed:

Innovative marketing around healthier options can inspire more good food choices and lead to improved health outcomes for hungry families from coast to coast.

Join the Good Food Movement

Together with friends and neighbors like you, PHA is building a future where everyone has lasting access to nutritious, affordable food.

When we get good food to every kid and caregiver, every entrepreneur and employee, and every leader and community member, we’ll finally have the equitable food system we’ve been fighting for.

Join us to help make this work possible.

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