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11 Questions With… USTA President Katrina Adams

Katrina Adams

Editor’s Note: 11 Questions With … is a regular series profiling some of our favorite bloggers, athletes, celebrities and real moms and dads.

Katrina Adams is the Chairman of the Board, CEO and President of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), a position she assumed in January 2015. In this role she serves as Chairman of the US Open.

In addition to her duties with the USTA, Adams is a contributor on CBS Sports Network’s first all-female sports show, “We Need to Talk.” She also serves as a television analyst for Tennis Channel and as a contributor to Tennis magazine and, providing instructional articles and videos.

  1. If you were stranded on a deserted island, and only one vegetable grew on that island, what vegetable would you want it to be? Kale!

  2. What is your healthiest habit? Eating half of what’s on my plate. It’s all about portion control.

  3. What is your go-to nutritious breakfast? A fruit smoothie with peanut butter and whey protein.

  4. What are the 3 items that are always in your fridge/pantry? Water, berries, and ice cream!

  5. What is your favorite workout? Elliptical machine, biking, and of course tennis!

  6. Who is your fitness hero? Novak Djokovic. He’s also a champion in the fitness game.

  7. How do you take your water – sparkling, flat, over ice? Flat with no ice!

  8. What is your guilty pleasure? Breyers vanilla ice cream

  9. What is your healthy eating philosophy? Eat what you want within moderation. It’s important to have portion control with a combination of protein, carbs and vegetables.

  10. What is your go-to nutritious family dinner dish? Baked fish or chicken, couscous and kale or asparagus.

  11. What is the best health advice you’ve ever received?

    • Figure out what makes you feel healthy and at your best, and not diets that make others feel healthy. Everyone’s body reacts differently to vegetables, grains, dairy, fruit, fiber, etc.
    • It’s important to stay active at least 3-5 days a week or 1-2 depending on your daily routine. And I would advise others to consider trying out different fitness activities other than their normal routine such as cycling, swimming or tennis!

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