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Drink Up Work

Water. So talented, yet so humble. We’re here for all the water-inspired moments in your life! Check out some of our work below.

Image of a dancer in a red dress for the Drink Up campaign's #H2OClaro work in Los Angeles.

Drink Up in LA and #H2OClaro

We invite Los Angelenos to become unstoppable!

When you drink water you feel fine, and when you feel fine nothing can stop you. You become unstoppable.

Drinking water helps you do that little extra thing, like play 5 more minutes in a game. It helps you keep up the celebration and dance for 2 or 3 more songs or even all night long if the party is that good.

Our hectic day needs to get fueled by water and if you are a mom, you know there is no room to underperform.

Water helps you keep on moving, so if you are looking for a perfect “pick me up”, Drink water, more water, any kind of water. To learn more, visit the #H2OClaro website.

#H2OfCourse social media images from the Partnership for a Healthier America's Drink Up campaign.


#H2OfCourse is a friendly reminder of all the good water can do. And you can help be a part of it. Follow us and upload your best H2OfCourse moment – that moment in time when drinking water truly helped make your life better.

Did it help you power through a work-out? Or a really boring meeting. Tell us about it. We want to hear from you.